The gateway for brands into the Metaverse.

The new way to think about Intellectual Property, from web3 ownership to digital certifications.
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our focus

Our goal is to build the intersection of web3 ownership, fashion and gaming. This is through rethinking how IP is created and owned.

how it works

We leverage Web3 ownership and blockchain technology to generate interoperable intellectual property in the metaverse.


How we do it

We partner with top fashion brands to launch their avatars and skins into games and the metaverse, creating new IP for our community, brands and games.

Digitalises their products into web3 native NFTs
Owns these NFTs
Enables interoperable NFTS across web2 & web3 metaverses & games

what leaders IN

Web3, fashion & gaming say

icon quote
"Making that a creator-first [concept] and having that blossom into a whole new realm is so much more exciting than getting a Louis Vuitton handbag on some permissioned blockchain that lives within its own walled garden. With items in Polygon, it can live on lots of different metaverses and platforms; you can have it in Decentraland or Cryptovoxels. That interoperability is really important.”
Joseph Pallant
NFT Expert & Founder - the Blockchain for Climate Foundation
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"The ability to allow users to not only buy digital items in the fashion space but to also have unique and, oftentimes, ‘1 of 1’ certificates of ownership adds a level of exclusivity that has always worked well within the fashion culture.”
Neda Whitney
VP & Head of Marketing - christie auction house
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“The opportunity for fashion in the digital world is massive. Immersive formats will reimagine what the fashion industry looks and feels like for the consumer."
Joanna Lambert
president & gm of consumer - Yahoo

The Team

Our team comes from backgrounds in web3, fashion and gaming.

“N.Fungible's team are working on all the questions that I see fashion brands having today about the present and future development of the digital fashion world.”

Advisor Giulio Xiloyannis
Giulio Xiloyannis
CCO, Zalora
Logo Zalora

"N.Fungible understands the fashion industry through the lens of consumer demand and can coach brands entering into the metaverse. With their industry experience, they created a seamless experience for brands and consumers to launch into the metaverse which in my experience, is the future."

Advisor Abbey Samet
Abbey Samet
Director of Trend Forecasting, Macy's
Logo Macey's

"The team has worked across design, fast fashion and luxury brands, with their trust across the brands and the physical distribution network of the advisors, I believe they are in the right place to launch all fashion brands into the metaverse."

Advisor Kendrick Wong
Kendrick Wong
Co-Founder & Ceo, omnilytics
Logo Omnilytics
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N.Fungible Genesis
2,000 NFungible Avatars representing an access pass to future NFT drops of NFungible.